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3 Weeks Old Baby Was Found Crying In A Toilet Pit By A Passerby


Police in Mashonaland Central province are hunting for a baby dumper who dumped her 3 weeks old baby in a pit toilet.

Mashonaland Central police spokesperson Inspector Milton Mundembe confirmed the case.

“We are investigating a baby dumping case at Redlands farm, Bindura where a 3 weeks old baby was found crying in a toilet pit by a passerby,” Mundembe said.

Allegations are that Maidei Manyika was coming from fetching firewood when she heard the baby crying in a pit.

She used a hooking wire to retrieve the baby and she bathed the baby since magots were moving on the baby.

Manyika then went to file a police report and the baby is currently at Bindura provincial hospital.

Police is appealing for people with information on the whereabouts of the baby’s mother>chaosafrica


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