Home Africa News Zimdancehall Queen Lady Squanda Raises Eyebrows With New Svelte Figure

Zimdancehall Queen Lady Squanda Raises Eyebrows With New Svelte Figure


Self-proclaimed Queen of Zimdancehall, Lady Squanda has raised a few eyebrows after showing off her new svelte figure.

The formerly full-figured award-winning artist, real name Sandra Muchaneta Gazi, posted photos of her new figure on social media.

Unsurprisingly, the photos have attracted a lot of discussion due to the massive transformation. Many social media users congratulated Lady Squanda for dieting and exercising saying that her new body is much healthier.

However, some expressed disappointment saying that she looked much more attractive when she was still full-figured.

Lady Squanda Raises Eyebrows With New Figure

Some also questioned whether the musician was okay and in good health, opining that she may have a medical condition that needs urgent medical attention. Others suggested that she may be facing hard times and is finding it difficult to put adequate food on the table. The suggested that people should crowd fund to help support the Zimdancehall Queen.

Below are some pictures showing the artist before and after her radical transformation,

Lady Squanda Raises Eyebrows With New Figure

Lady Squanda Raises Eyebrows With New Figure

Below are some reactions from social media users,

You go girl beautiful body – Rejoice

Slimming haisi yemunhu wese Aaah Squander anga akafitwa nechi body chake ari chubby – Felistus Tanaka

Dai asna kuita zve diet izvi chiody chaanga anacho chaa chakatomufta- Cee

Kuonda hakuna kumufita wakafitwa nekuva chuby – Judith

Let’s pray for her she needs deliverance – Adolphus

Before was way better, she just looks odd now – Ntombana

Good to see a healthy looking lean “celeb” for a change.Most that are posted here are obese disguised as voluptuous. – Chicca

If you haveloads of weight to shed, that is, at least 2 dress sizes… you have to make informed choices. Just starving yourself and or jogging is not a great idea. Your weight will go but you will lose it in all places and look like you are recovering from a illness.

It may take slightly longer but as a woman, on top of eating healthy (long term change in eating habits, not crash dieting), you should do all round physical effort. Aerobics and weights are good because you will do lunges, a bit of Pilates, some yoga and body conditioning all in one session. You will therefore not only lose weight but you will tone up and have the right curves in the right places.

It took you years to gain that weight therefore be patient with the weight loss otherwise…see exhibit A up yonder. – NhakaMfana


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