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Fake Goblins Supplier Madzibaba Edmore Busted


Fake goblins supplier Madzibaba Edmore busted. The bone of contention was reported to have cropped up after one Madzibaba of Budiriro visited Edmore Simbi who claims that he makes and supplies fake goblins.

There was drama at Machipisa Shopping Centre in Highfield yesterday when a self-styled prophet clashed with the man who supplies fake goblins.

The prophet disappeared after learning about the presence of H-Metro at the scene. However, Simbi confirmed that he supplied a number of self-styled prophets some fake goblins.

“I had a misunderstanding with Madzibaba wekuBudiriro uko anga auya kuzotora zvimwe zvikwambo zvekunoitisa mari iye asati apedza kubhadara zvimwe zvaakatora last month,” said Simbi. “He is supposed to give me US$60 for the goblins he took that is the issue that attracted people here and he disappeared after he learnt that someone was calling H-Metro.

“I am in the business of making fake goblins and most of the prophets vanobata zvikwambo ndini ndinovatengesera.

“It is my business for the past six years and I make them depending on what my clients want. “Zvinofema ndinogadzira nematatya, madzetse uye kuisa ropa muzvidende; zvimwe zvidende zvacho ndinotengeserwa naadzimai vangu ava.

“I collect remains of dead snakes to make some of the fearful goblins and I knit some them with zvuma while others I wrap them with traditional clothes,” said Simbi. Simbi mentioned a number of self-styled prophets he claimed were among his clients. Apart from selling fake goblins, Simbi sells snuff and herbs>chaosafrica


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