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Nox Spends R250 000 On New Song With Master KG


Nox Collaborates With Master KG on New Song My Melody

South African based Zimbabwean musician Nox Guni has said that he spent R250 000 on a colaboration with Master KG.

The new song titled My Melody will be released on August 19 2020.

The Afro-house track that was produced by Master KG of hit song Jerusalema , at his Open Mic Productions Studios will be accompanied by visuals shot at several locations in South Africa by San Pedro.

Nox described the unreleased song My Melody as a love song that entails a melodious moment in a relationship.

Nox also claimed he spent R250 000 on the video for the song. He told The Chronicle:

I spent R250 000 on this project as I wanted to go all out with it as part of efforts to grow my brand. Most of the money went to the yacht, classic cardiac car and elite dance group we used in the video as well as the extra cast and models.

When quizzed where he had secured funding for the project given the current financial situation of most artists due to COVID-19, Nox said:

We were partly funded by Nakira, a UK-based company which is owned by Mr Dexter Lasswell. They have a line of clubs and restaurants in the UK.

He also revealed that it was not easy to shoot a music video during a lockdown saying:

It was not easy shooting the video amid the pandemic as we had to follow procedures to make sure we stay within the guidelines set out by the authorities. I’m glad we managed to successfully execute everything to the last detail.

Nox recently released a song with Bazooka. Titled ‘Celebrate the Zimdancehall’ , the song is about someone who will be rejoicing after leaving a tumultuous relationship>chaosafrica


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