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Madzibaba Bond Strikes Again – Prayer For Married Man Not To Have An ER3CTION If They Are Not With Their Wives: Video


Madzibaba Bond strikes again – Prayer for a married man not to have an ER3CTION if they are not with their wives: Video. Well, the popular Chitungwiza madzibaba is gaining ground with his outrageous miracles that are leaving many amazed and puzzled at the same time.

There was drama, chaos and disbelief as a popular white garment prophet in the area known as Madzibaba Bond did a wonder miracle. Many people especially now belive only Ministerial churches and Pentecostal churches has the only legit Prophets who can pull major miracles.

But the old generation which beliefs in God know or believe that White Garment prophets also posses power the same as or even more than Pentecostal prophets such as Prophet Magaya, Prophet Makandiwa or Prophet Uebert Angels, just to mention a few. The current most popular prophet in Harare right now who comes from these white garment churches is Madzibaba Steven.

Madzibaba Bond as he is popularly known is back again with another astonishing miracle. This time around he was praying for husbands not to get ER3CTIONS if they try to sleep with other people who are not their wives. Many women were gathered at the shrine as he did this prayer.

Watch video below


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