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Man Rapes Daughter (12),  Blames It On Evil Spirit 


A 35-YEAR-OLD man from Hatcliffe has blamed evil spirits for leading him into his 12-year-old daughter’s bedroom and raping her in her sleep.
He threatened her with death if she revealed the incident.
The incident which occurred two years ago only came out this year after the parents engaged in a fight.
The father (name withheld) appeared before Harare regional magistrate Esthere Chivasa answering to allegations of rape.
He admitted to committing the offence while blaming evil spirits and was remanded in custody to today for sentencing.
Blood tests will be conducted before sentencing.
The court heard that in February 2018 the father had a misunderstanding with the girl’s mother over food; he allegedly bashed and chased her away.
It is the State’s case that at night the girl prepared and served food to her siblings and went to bed and the father returned around midnight.
The court heard that at around 3am she woke up as if in a dream and found her father having sex with her.
He allegedly threatened her with death if she told anyone of the incident.
He is alleged to have told the minor that he would kill her mother if she told her about the incident.
The court heard that the girl later had an affair with another man which was not good news to the father who reported against the man alleging that they had had sexual intercourse.
They went to a clinic where the minor was reported to have been sexually violated and upon being questioned the girl reportedly revealed that her father had sexually abused her.
The matter was not immediately reported but only came out after a fight between the parents.
Prosecutor Panganai Chiutsi is appearing for the State>chaosafrica


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