Home Africa News Joburg woman STOLE husband’s MONEY and brought him a million rand truck

Joburg woman STOLE husband’s MONEY and brought him a million rand truck


Many girls have admitted that they have benefited a brilliant deal from the small trade that they thieve from their husband’s pockets. Some say they use the money to assist their households and their children’s desires while others spend it on costly fashion brands.

Most ladies belive that there may be nothing incorrect with stealing their husband’s money at all mainly when the husband is stingy. This act is without a doubt robbery regardless of their intentions.

Andile Dladla had one of a kind intentions whilst she started out stealing her husband’s money considering the fact that they got married. She changed into praised with the aid of her husband himself who similarly stated that she deserves special treatment after locating out what she did with the cash she has been stealing from him ever because the two emerge as husband and spouse.

Andiles’s husband stated that he did not care after locating out the she have been stealing his money due to the fact she wil all the time be his wife. He became surprised on a later stage when he located out the Andile sold him a truck which already had a process on the way to generate earnings to support their circle of relatives.

“It’s a pity that I have not said anything in relations to the ladies’s month yet I strongly believe that my spouse, Andile Dladla, deserves a unique remedy normal, whether or not it is women’s month or not,” stated Andiles Husband.

“Let me let you know a tale about this truck. Andile stored on stealing my cash and never conceal it that she is stealing my money and I failed to care due to the fact on the quit of the day she is my wife. Then, growth! She amazed me while she stated all that money she’s been stealing she bought a truck for me and that truck already had a activity to generate income for our kids. If it became any random lady, I bet you, all that cash could have long gone to steeply-priced baggage, hairstyles, makeups, luxurious beverages and stuff.”


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