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The truth about Julius Malema’s real father, his true identity


Julius Malema was born and raised by his late grandmother at seshego, outside polokwane. He attended school at Mohlakaneng high and he got to meet the love of his life during his high school days.

When it comes to his biological parents, Malema keeps a low profile and doesn’t want to talk about them and he doesn’t like it when people raise false alarms about his true identity.

There are many people who have claimed to be Julius Malema’s father. “It’s very good, I’m actually rich that people want to be my father “, he said, in an interview with Morning live.

With the fact that her mother was a single parent and died too soon, people find it believable that those men who claims to be his father could have had some relationship with his mother who’s no longer with us on earth to can explain

Julius said there are many people who like to be his father in order to get to him. Few years ago, in 2012 there was a man by the name of Samuel Manyapye claiming to be Julius Malema’s father and he even said that the boy, Julius is neglecting him and he passes him in the streets like a stranger.

Julius didn’t take time to hit back and describe all that as lies. Recently Twitter has it that Julius Malema’s father was born in Zimbabwe.

On an interview with Morning Live Malema said his late mother and grandmother refused to dive out the whereabouts of his father and Malema himself doesn’t have any desire to find him>chaosafrica


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