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Zimunya Businessman ‘Found’ With A Skull, Fresh Heart, Baboon Leg


Chipinge Times Correspondent
Mutare – A tsikamutanda allegedly stumbled into a skull, fresh heart and a baboon’s leg on Thursday afternoon while exorcising at the properties of prominent Zimunya businessman Babylon Chirochepi’s in Zimunya near Mutare.

This happened in Bvirindi Village in Ward 17 Doradombo under Chief Zimunya. Elias Bvirindi, the village head
confirmed the incidents to Chipinge Times and said he (Bvirindi) was present when the process was conducted.
Efforts to get a comment from Chirochepi were futile.

Bvirivindi said that the matter was referred to Chief Zimunya who ordered that the found parts be burnt at the businessman’s place. Chief Zimunya also confirmed the case to a Chipinge Times Reporter.

It was not clear from sources whether there were any human parts among the recovered items. Sources said that Police was involved when the case was referred to the chief.

Sources said family members gathered at the businessman’s house in the village on Thursday morning. They called the village head and told him that they had hired a tsikamutanda to exorcise an evil spirit that was causing mysterious deaths in the family.

They accused Babylon of causing the deaths. The tsikamunda started by cleansing the homestead of the accused and allegedly found a baboon’s leg and a skull. He then went to Babylon’s shop at Bvirindi Business Center where a fresh heart was found in a disused fridge.

“We failed to establish whether it was a human heart and referred the case to Chief Zimunyas’s Court. The Chief ordered the tsikamutanda to destroy the items by burning them at the accused person’s place


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