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Cheating Woman Dumps Hubby, Gives Him ‘Gupuro’ And Chooses Lover


A 30-Year-Old woman handed over a token of divorce (Gupuro) to her husband last week, after she was caught pants down with her lover.

Abigirl Bhimbiri argued that she was not aware of what her husband Mubati was up to when he was in Guruve, where he works as a police officer.

Abigirl Bhimbiri

Therefore she accommodated her lover Tonderai Mukobo who resides in Hatfield.

“We lived separately with this guy for some time only to return claiming that I am his wife because he paid lobola,” said Bhimbiri.

“He was enjoying himself wherever he was and people to blame me about this is just like tarnishing my image.

Mubati reportedly had an emotional breakdown when he caught the two pants down in his bedroom, such that he spent the better part of the night destroying his bed.

I am stationed in Guruve and upon returning home, I arrived around midnight and found the two in my bedroom,” said Mubati.

“I was shocked and I lost energy that I realised the consequences of taking the law into my hands, besides that the man looked physically fit than me.

Mubati said he concluded that his wife needed spiritual deliverance.

He then left the two to their own devices and went to his wife’s aunt to narrate everything.

When they returned, the boyfriend was still there and she openly told Mubati before the family members, that she wanted a divorce.

Mukobo confirmed his illicit affair with Bhimbiri to Hmetro, saying the latter told him that she had separated with Mubati.

“Brother the truth is l dated this lady for nine months, she told me she divorced almost two years ago,” said Mukobo.

Tonderai Mukobo

He said he was actually surprised when Mubati came and claimed to be Bhimbiri’s husband.

“He did not assault me and the lady also confirmed the divorce in front of her relatives by giving Mubati a token of divorce.

Bhimbiri’s relatives confirmed that she had given Mubati a token of divorce amid their protests that the marriage could still be salvaged.

They even tried threatening Bhimbiri with approaching her bosses at her work place to terminate her contract but she wasn’t moved

“Mwana akaroora zvakafadza musha wose saka hatina kumboziva kuti chabaya chikatyokera mwana atoita mbudzi yadya mumera saka yatorunza,” said the relative>chaosafrica


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