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Tension Between Tongai Moyo’s Kids Peter And Obert Fighting Over Band


Tension between Tongai Moyo’s kids as Peter says he won’t lose sleep over what my brother is doing. This follows reports that his younger brother Tongai Obert Moyo Junior is in Kwekwe trying to assemble a rival band using the same Utakataka Express name. Not only is the 22-year-old in a hurry to assemble a group but he has been distributing fliers inviting capable guitarists, dancers and backing vocalists to come and join him.

Peter Moyo says he would not lose sleep over people who are trying to ‘destabilise’ his camp. And Peter Moyo being the ‘ordained’ heir to the Dhewa throne since 2011 when the Utakataka Express boss died, he said he would not lose focus over the issue.

The former footie star cleared the air in a recent interview with H-Metro saying all was well in his camp. “I have seen the fliers being run in WhatsApp groups and social media but I would not lose sleep over what my brother is planning because he is now a grown-up.

“It appears he has a vision and it’s up to him to follow his dream and see how it goes. “I will not concentrate on what other camps are doing but I will only focus on my group, my vision and what I have been doing over the years,” he said.

He also dismissed claims that there was bad blood between him and Tongai Junior. “He is my younger brother and that alone won’t change since I have the birthright. “I have never fought with him and he is free to do what he wants and only time will tell who is good or not.”

Quizzed whether his younger brother was free to join him or not, he said: “Obert knows what to do if he wants to join me but as it stands right now, he is now a grown-up who wants to do his own things since he is inviting new band members on board.

“I won’t stop him from doing what he wants but I know he has people who are backing him in Kwekwe.” Tongai Junior has been working with former Utakataka Express member Ronnie Mudhindo who tried to groom him.

South Africa based Mudhindo said he has since washed his hands in as far as weaning off Tongai Junior. “I stayed with the boy in South Africa and I was teaching him the ropes bit by bit before he decided to assemble his own group.

“My wish was for him to perfect a lot of things before going solo but he didn’t take my advice. “I’m glad that I played my part but I wanted him to start a band when he is now a polished diamond.

“In showbiz, there are no short-cuts because once you do so they will come to haunt you. “I don’t know who is backing him in Kwekwe but I wish him all the success but he needs to make peace with Peter Moyo,” he said.

Mudhindo who also helped Peter Moyo in his formative years added: “I’m one person who has been doing a lot behind the scenes to help Dhewa’s family maintain the legacy but success has many fathers.

“I won’t bother myself anymore by interfering in their own affairs because fans will turn against me. “What I was trying to achieve was to sleep help Dhewa’s family because I also benefitted from Tongai Moyo Senior>chaosafrica


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