1] Tell people you love them
A women will tell almost everyone from friends and family to strangers that they love them.

2] dance moves

She knows she can’t dance, she has two left feet but when a song comes on, she’ll dance till the music stops. She’ll even get on top of the tables.

3] Flirt

Women when drunk they do the dumpiest things like flirting with a total stranger or a friends boyfriend. And might even end up doing things that they’ll regret or won’t remember later.

4] Karaoke

They’ll sing your ears off, don’t care if they know the actual lyrics of the song.

5] Emotions

Happy to sad to angry to really sad to laughing to really sad again. So many feels. They cry alot.

6] Nap

They’ll take a nap anywhere!!!

7] Spend the night in the toilet

They pee all night and vomit. Or simply pee in an alley or any inappropriate public places.

8] Bring up the past/ secret

They’ll bring up the past, talk about stupid things they did and how they regret it. If you have told her your deepest secret when she’s drunk she’ll tell everyone and also reveal her own deep darkest secrets.

9] Text an ex boyfriend/ crush

They regret this in the morning sending 100 texts to their ex boyfriend. And crush. The embarrassment!

10] Spend all of the money

Spend all the money and regret in morning asking themselves what they actually did with the money.

11] Make plans

Promise people date nights, people they’re not even interested in.

12] Steal

They’ll steal!!! Unnecessary things from the neighbors.

13] Deny that you’re drunk

They’ll deny that you’re actually really drunk. They’ll even try to prove that by trying to walk in a straight line or stand with one leg. Hilarious!!!

14] Lose/ break things

House keys, purse, phone, ID, dignity, we’ve all been there.

15] Smoke

You don’t smoke, you never have, and you probably never will. You’re coughing uncontrollably.

16] Talk to themself

Everyone is guilty of this one. Whether you’re complimenting yourself or just standing at the mirror saying ‘I am soooooo drunk’ to your reflection and pulling faces, it’s pretty hilarious to be fair.

17] Take 1000 selfie

They take as many selfie as they can and the photos are not even clear, they blurry.

18] Fall down almost breaking your ankles

They’ll fall everytime when trying to walk.

But they always have fun and laugh about it when the hang over is gone.

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