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Patson Dzamara Diagnosed With Colon Cancer….Details Emerge


In a sad state of affairs , political activist and brother to the missing Itai Dzamara, Patson Dzamara was diagnosed with colon cancer.

The bad news was shared by his acquaintance Kuda Musasiwa on Twitter and he asked for prayers.

Wrote Musasiwa

Last week i went to see my brother@PatsonDzamara who is sadly battling an aggressive form of Adenocarcinoma colon cancer. Now that it’s become public, let’s keep him and his family in our prayers as he goes though this in the Zimbabwean health system

Patson Dzamara himself has not openly revealed his condition but in the recent weeks, he hinted that he had been feeling under the weather.

This was when people wondered why , Dzamara, who has been active in the political fray hasn’t been as vocal as he used to be.

Understandably, he had to take a break to look after himself, in the light of his prognosis.

Dzamara gave hints that he was not well, several times on his Twitter account but most were not aware or the gravity of the situation.

Wrote Dzamara at some point.

Spent last night moving from one medical facility to another for medical attention. Saw frail and hopeless people. Saw people in pain. Saw people crying after losing their loved ones. One person in the next room died. You are still alive and well? Be grateful and make it count.

My heart bleeds for Zimbabwe. How ZANU-PF treats us with disdain is unacceptable. I’ve not been able to raise my voice & take a stand as often as I should due to health challenges but I wish to encourage progressive Zimbabweans to continue the work. We will get to better Zimbabwe

Naturally people were shocked, saddened and concerned at the announcement by Musasiwa.

Most wished Dzamara well, while some asked if they could start crowd funding for his medical bills and care , should the need arise.

According to Cancer Org:Adenocarcinoma is a type of cancer that starts in the cells that form glands making mucus to lubricate the inside of the colon and rectum. This is the most common type of colon and rectum cancer.

It’s not known at what stage the cancer is but Musasiwa described it as aggressive, meaning Dzamara might require several extensive treatments to slow down or get rid of the cancer.

Most cancer treatments are just as hard on the patients as the disease itself. They come with a lot of nasty side effects which can be incapacitating at times>chaosafrica


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