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Lasizwe wants 7 year old kids taught about same sex love but South Africans are having none of it


Lasizwe has got himself at the centre of attention after he advocated for the teaching of 7 year old children about same sex love.

Lasizwe Tweeted, “I believe we need to start educating kids from the ages of 7 about homosexuality and make them understand about same sex love.”

His Tweet was met with harsh responses and personal attacks from his followers. However, Lasizwe is persisted and promised to teach his children about homosexuality at a very young age.

“Why are we refusing to teach our children about homosexuality and same sex love? I feel like it’s important for kids to understand that It’s okay for dad, uncle or brother to date or even marry the same gender without being judged or crucified for being themselves! Mina I’m definitely teaching my children about the LGBTQI+ Community and what is same sex relationships,” he added.

Here are some of the most interesting comments about Lasizwe’s proposal.

“People who decided to go against making kids want to tell us how we should raise our sons and daughters. Continue doing your thing without telling us to teach our kids your values, you are against reproducing after all”

“Gays must teach their own kids gay culture and virtues – simple. They must respect straight people’s rights. If they are looking for real war they must touch kids”

“I’m not homophobic but I wouldn’t want my child to learn about such… , sorry”

“Same here Bro.. I js can’t imagine telling my son or daughter to embrace such.. My kid go be like wait dad ” so you mean it’s fine if I kiss another boy are you sure”.. Imagine me saying “Yes sure boy you can get with other boys once you grow older”

“No parents wish their kids to play for the rainbow team….sebeyamukela Njeee ngoba theres nothing they can do.. i Opinion Yakho iyafana njee Nala chicken ka Tito Mboweni enama green pepper ne Garlic Endunu ..”

“Shots are being fired i need cover i repeat i need cover i heard the ndunu part i reckon it’s a bomb coming in? I repeat respond to the southwest direction cover up!!!!”

“In General kids are not taught about any form of sexuality at that young age. sexuality in all forms is taught in the 7th grade, because thats the age where teenagers are starting to develop and have signs of sex and desire. So it’s not credible to teach 1st grades about that Sir”

“Your proposal has been turned down, you want more new members to your community. We see you”


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