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Policemen Flee After Seeing Tokoloshes In Businessman’s Suitcases During House Raid

Sanderson Bloom Shamuyashe

Villagers and two police officers ran for cover after they allegedly stumbled on goblins in a businessman’s suitcase, during their search for poison which is said to have killed some dogs.

Sanderson Bloom Shamuyashe, the businessman who owns a grinding mill, is also being accused of digging a grave of one of his wife’s relatives.

Sanderson Bloom Shamuyashe

According to a source who spoke to Bmetro on the condition of anonymity, the villagers took to confronting Shamuyashe after their dogs mysteriously died after getting into his homestead.

They reported him to the police and two police officers were dispatched to accompany them to Shamuyashe.

The policeman were terrified after opening his suitcase

“They were shocked when they saw strange beings which they believed were goblins and were seen running for their dear lives

The source revealed that it’s not the first times Shamuyashe has been accused of dabbling with the supernatural

“Most recently he was seen by villagers digging a grave of a relative of his wife. He fled from the scene leaving his shoes which were used as exhibit and the issue was taken to Chief Nelukoba and after a full trial the chief ordered him to leave the area but he denied vehemently that he was the one who was seen desecrating a grave,”

Shamuyashe even advised the chief to hire witch hunters to resolve the issue saying there would be hell to pay if they caught someone else as responsible.

Shamuyashe’s wife Bessie Ndlovu didn’t have nice things to say about her husband.

“I heard that police officers and villagers saw strange things at our homestead when police were investigating a case of dogs which died mysteriously. I will no longer stay with him because he was caught digging a grave of my younger sister. He ran away and left shoes at the grave site.

She said that her parents were not happy with the incident and Chief Nelukoba had banished Shamuyashe from the village but he didn’t comply

Shamuyashe however denied that he owned goblins.

There is no goblin that they saw, I even advised village head Simanyayi, former councillor, my father-in-law and other villagers to enlist the services of tsikamutandas to root out such goblins. I told them that if they fail to root out such invisible things they have to give me a beast.”

He even denied that he was caught digging a grave and stated that he won’t leave the village because he’s not a witch as many people suspect.

Matabeleland North police spokesperson Chief Inspector Siphiwe Makonese was unreachable at the time of going to press.


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