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Polo Driver Dragged By A Truck In An Accident That Cost Him His Life


An accident occurred in Pretoria today where a truck collided with VW Polo and the Polo drive lost his love. Whilst the truck drive came out unscathed. Eye witness say that the truck driver was in a wrong and didn’t stop as the traffic lights as they were red and it collided with the Polo car at the intersection. The polo driver died on the scene.

About 80% of Accidents occure in Intersections as cars are crossing at the same time in different directions. Most reason to be alert and obey the rules of the road even if there is no car coming on either sides. Let’s obey the rules of the road and arrive at our homes as we left, in one peace not in a body bag.

Another similar accident happened where a truck collided head on with a small car in Midrand Glen Austin. Also the it’s suspected it driving through red traffic lights.

Traffic laws are important may they be followed because they keep people safe. A motor vehicle is a dangerous and deadly weapon in the wrong hands. The traffic laws are there to be followed by everyone, no expections>chaosafrica


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