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Video:Mashaba: Freeze the assets of ZANU-PF leaders in SA


JOHANNESBURG – Herman Mashaba has launched a new political party called Action SA on Saturday.

Curbing illegal immigration features high on Mashaba’s party to do list.

He’s promised hard diplomacy to deal with what he’s called a crisis unfolding in Zimbabwe.

“We must adopt the strongest and harshest policies against an oppressive government, and not punish the people of Zimbabwe.”

“This should start by freezing the assets of ZANU-PF leaders in South Africa and banning them from entering our country until there is real reform in that beloved country,” said Mashaba.

Action SA plans to contest national elections, starting with local government polls next year.

As it stands the country has 14 political parties with parliamentary representation.

About 94 parties don’t have parliamentary representation but are running and active in SA politics>chaosafrica

Watch video below



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