Most times, when we see a pretty lady we begin to admire her beauty and wish to be as attractive as she looks. What we may not know is that the lady went through a lot of pain to look that lovely and attractive. Beauty comes with some pain and a lot of women are ready to pay this price. Here are 5 painful things women do in order to look beautiful

1)high heels

You must have seen many women put on heels and the next second, they are wearing slippers. In fact, most ladies see it very necessary to always take a slippers along with them whenever they are wearing heels. This is because wearing heels for a long time is quite painful and can cause calluses on the feet. However, ladies are willing to go through this to look lovely.

2) Waist trainers

Inorder to get a good shape or wear skinny clothes most ladies wear waist trainers under their clothes. This is quite painful as the lady may find it almost difficult to breathe. It is also a very discomforting experience, however ladies are ready to go through this pain just to look attractive.

3) Piercings

Normally, the hole created in a girl child’s ear at birth is one that makes the baby to wail due to the almost unbearable pain, but many ladies grow up and are ready to go through this painful experience by creating more holes in their ears, some still go as far as piercing their nose just to look beautiful.

4) Curling and straightening of the hair

Most times we see ladies with curly and beautiful hair, but we don’t know the pain involved in getting such hair. Straightening the hair is a painful experience ladies go through, especially with the degree of heat used to curl the hair or if the hot iron mistakenly touches the scalp. This can cause pain for days.

5) Waxing

This is in fact one of the most painful experiences ladies go through in the process of hair removal. The use of hot wax and adhesive tape to remove hair causes an almost unbearable pain.

6) Painful hairstyles

We see a lot of ladies with beautiful hair styles that we admire but some of those hairstyles are so painful that it took a lot of sleepless nights and painkillers to get rid of the pain.

7) Wearing skinny Jeans. There’s no doubt that skinny jeans look beautiful on most ladies. But if you know the kind of wriggling and jumping, minutes of battling with the Jean just to get them on, you will know it’s not really a nice experience.

Which other painful things do ladies do to look beautiful? Do share your thoughts in the comment section>chaosafrica


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