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Sangoma Confirmed It’s Kelly Khumalo Who Hired The Hitman To Kill Meyiwa For 250k And The Reason For The Killing…


Police now say that the case is now going to be solved as they have now submitted dockets to prosecutor in order to obtain warrant of arrests for those involved in the murder of Senzo Meyiwa. It took 8 months for the new team appointed by the Minister of Police Bheki Cele to crack open a case that has been pending for 6 long years.

The NPA has not yet made a decision on the confession of the alleged suspect about Kelly Khumalo being the one who hired the hitman. A confession dated on 30 June 2020 state that “Kelly Khumalo hired the hitman because Senzo had failed to keep his promises to Kelly including the on to marry her, they claim to have demanded R400 000 from Khumalo given Meyiwas status.

The hitman stated that Kelly Khumalo paid R250 000 upfront and would pay them the outstanding balance shortly after the job would be completed. They visited a Sangoma who performed a ritual for them to have the courage to gun down Meyiwa, the Sangoma confirmed what the hitman stated in the police statement. After the death of Meyiwa Kelly refused to pay the R250 000 saying that she couldn’t afford it.


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