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Video:Madly In Love With Eudoxie Yao, Grand P Threatens His Rivals


Affected by progeria which gave him a particular physique, the Guinean artist Moussa Sandiana Kaba alias “Grand P”, has an eye only for the Ivorian bombshell, Eudoxie Yao. He does not accept that people roam around Eudoxie Yao who, according to him, is his wife. This, one of his compatriots, a Guinean artist, learned the hard way.

The provocations also, “Large P»Can’t stand anymore. This is also the reason why he revealed, in a live video on his page, the reasons for his anger against his compatriot Djani Alfa who seemed to give Eudoxie Yao soft eyes. ” Whoever takes my wife Eudoxie will have to do with me. Enough is enough. Every day someone provokes me “, He warned, not without confiding that the beautiful Ivorian is his wife. ” Eudoxie, it’s my wife! She is mine alone », He revealed.

«Large P»Warned his compatriot who would give Eudoxie Yao soft eyes. He reveals that he would not hesitate to have him locked up if he continued to declare his love for the “go bobaraba». « If you don’t leave her my wife, I will lock you up one day ”, he threatened not without hammering that he does not like rubbish. ” Eudoxie doesn’t want you. I don’t accept rubbish. Leave my wife Eudoxie “, He warned.

Very convinced that the lovely Eudoxie Yao loves him as much as she loves her, “Large P“Said to be the only true love of” the most influential woman in Africa ». « Eudoxie doesn’t want you, you’re wrong », He clarified.

As a reminder, Eudoxie Yao had received a lot of gifts the day after her birthday celebration, including two cars: Hummer cars. But, “Large P»Also expressed his desire to offer a third car to his« Ivorian bomb », Who had come to Guinea for a while where the two stars had found an interest in being together>chaosafrica


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