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We are pro_titutes and satanists, we are 60 have tattoo marks as identification girl confess

Scenes in Cowdray Park where the incident happened

Members of the Johane Masowe Wechishanu Church in Cowdray Park got the shock of their lives after two teenage girls made a startling confession of being satanists and prostitutes.

They made the shocking confessions before an agitated large crowd that had gathered to be prayed for and prophesied by Apostolic sect leader of Prophet Emmanuel Gwandida popularly known as Madzibaba Mutumwa.

As if that was not enough, in a trance like state, one of the teenage girls went a gear up and disclosed that they are about sixty of them in the suburb. One of the girls said:

“We are about 60 and we have tattoo marks as identification,” she said.
Her partner in crime then went on to confess that they move in groups.
“We operate in groups of six and we own this suburb and Bulawayo in general,” she said.
The groups double up as thigh vendors and target influential people such as church and community leaders as well as business people and politicians.
“Most of us are young girls as a result we are the most sought after in the se_x industry. We target pastors, prophets and business people. Once a person has se_x with any one of us he never leaves and we make sure that within two months he would have slept with all of us,” she said.
The other girl weighed in saying pastors and prophets make up their biggest clientele.
“We love pastors because they are not troublesome and they pay handsomely. We meet them in the lodges in town and they pay handsomely so that we do not reveal their identity.

Scenes in Cowdray Park where the incident happened

They are generous as well. When I ask for cash from them they quickly send. But most of the business people are stingy,” she said.
Madzibaba Mutumwa prayed for them and they were delivered.


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