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Man Who Faked ED For 17 Years To Avoid Wife Exposed After Raping Minor


In a very strange case, a man who faked ere_ctile dysfunction (ED) for the last 17 years just so that he could avoid being intimate with his wife was exposed when he was arrested for raping a minor.

68-year-old Custon Jojo Machanja from Zvishavane was last intimate with his wife back in 2003 when he claimed that he was suffering from ED. The wife understood his supposed plight and did not bother him, only to be shocked when Machanja was arrested this year.

Machanja is facing two counts of having sexual intercourse with a minor and rape.

The Chronicle reports that while presenting his defence Machanja denied the rape charges saying that he had consensual se_x with the minor. Ironically, he also accused the minor and her mother of trying to fix him, because he was having se_xual affairs with both of them.

“I had consensual se_xual intercourse with the complainant and I also had an affair with her mother. They are fixing me,” he said.

Machanja’s wife who also appeared in court as a witness expressed her shock at learning that her husband was capable of having se_xual affairs with two women concurrently when she was under the impression that he could not function properly.

“All these years he would tell me that he can’t sleep with me because he is suffering from ere_ctile dysfunction. I’m really shocked,” said Machanja’s wife.

Outlining the state’s case, the prosecutors told the court that in February last year, Machanja seduced the minor but was unable to be intimate with her because she was on her menstrual period.

The state went on to say that in October, Machanja invited the minor to his house where they became intimate. After the act, Machanja gave the minor $6. They had two more encounters in the same month, after which Machanja gave the minor $4 and $5.

In December, Machanja invited the minor to his office and tried to become intimate with her again. However, on this occasion the minor refused and Machanja allegedly drew an Okapi knife and forced himself onto the minor. He also threatened her with goblins if she ever divulged that he had raped her.

Machanja was remanded in custody to September 7 for judgment>chaosafrica


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