What Happened:Chaos As Man Caught Red Handed With Boss’ Wife(Video)


There was chaos and pandemonium recently after a philandering man was caught red-handed between the sheets with his boss’ wife.

At the time of publishing, it was not yet clear how the adulterous twosome was caught. However, the men who discovered the couple’s shenanigans were less than impressed by the conduct of the two. The group of men was so incensed by the betrayal that they proceeded to mete out instant justice on the randy man. The woman, on the other hand, was fleet-footed and managed to flee from the scene leaving her ‘partner-in-crime’ to face the consequences on his own.

As has become the trend of late, the men recorded themselves assaulting the cheating man. During the assault, some of the men can be heard remonstrating with the cheater for abusing the trust that his friend and boss had for him. Most were not amused that of all the women, he could have chosen to have his shenanigans with, he went for his boss’ wife.

You can watch the video below, however, please note that the video has strong language which may not be acceptable in a public, formal or controlled environment.


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