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Man Discovers Used Condoms In Wife’s Car, Barely A Year Into Marriage


A man from Bulawayo is nursing his heart after he discovered three used condoms in his wife’s car

Hardlife Ndlovu who has been married to Amanda Moyo for just over a year, made the unpleasant discovery when he was looking for some documents in his wife’s car.

The couple does not have any children together, although Amanda has two children, aged 14 and 5 from a previous marriage.

Hardlife was so heartbroken by the betrayal that he spilt the tea on his wife to local publication B-Metro. Said Hardlife,

“On Thursday last week I went to a mine in Matopo to sell my stuff and when I came back on Friday I realised that I had left some of my documents in her car. As I was searching for them, I touched something soft under the passenger’s seat. I tugged at it and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I discovered that they were three used condoms with semen inside them. They were still fresh and wrapped in a tissue paper. I was really in shock and was deflated and sat down like a defeated man,”

To add salt to injury, Amanda did not appear contrite over the whole issue and did not even seem embarrassed that she had been caught

“She was apparently looking drunk and when I confronted her about what I’d found, she was unapologetic. She further pained me when she said I should not trouble her about those used condoms as if I did not know their use,”

Surprisingly, however, Hardlife claims that this is not the first time he has found condoms in his wife’s car. Although, the first pack of condoms he found was unused.

“As for the first time, she told me she didn’t know how they got there and then later confessed that she’d bought a pack of condoms when we were having issues and forgot about it. I knew she was lying to me but since I had no proof, I could not accuse her until I made this strange discovery of three used condoms in her car,”

Hardlife went on to allege that Amanda is unruly and often sleeps out over the weekends.

“Early this year, while I was at home one of her friends, phoned me asking me to come to town to see what my wife was doing. Upon arrival, she directed me to a city bar where I found her getting cosy with her lover in her car.

“She apologised and promised me that she would never do it again. She has, however, shown me that she doesn’t change at all. She is always drunk and on weekends she usually sleeps out claiming she will be at her friend’s place,”

After Hardlife went public with his wife’s latest shenanigans, Amanda left the couple’s home and went to Kwekwe to stay with a relative. She was not reachable for comment.


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