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Julius Malema’s EFF shuts down Clicks stores across South Africa – Pictures and Videos


Despite their message that ‘it will be business as usual’ last night, several Clicks stores across the country remain closed.

EFF members have gathered outside several Clicks stores across the country singing and chanting struggle slogans.

The shutdown comes after the Store ran an advert on their website depicting black hair as damaged, dry, frizzy, and dull, while the description for the white women’s hair was “fine and flat” and “normal”.

The advertisement went viral on Friday and sparked outrage.

After this incident, the EFF send Clicks a list of demands and threatened to shut down their stores should the store not meet their demands.

Despite Clicks Group CEO Vikesh Ramsunder apologizing for the insensitive and offensive advertisement published on its website, the EFF has vowed to continue with its nationwide shutdown.

The shutdown is expected to last until Friday.

In a statement on Sunday, Ramsunder said he was deeply disappointed that they allowed insensitive and offensive images to be published on their website.

“I apologise unreservedly for the hurt and anger these images have caused. The emotive responses of our customers have been mirrored by our employees and management teams,” he said.

He said the images and content were provided to them by their supplier, Tresemmé.

“This does not absolve us from blame,” he said.

Seems like the apology was not enough for the red berets, Secretary-General of the EFF, Marshall Dlamini encouraged members to go ahead with the planned shutdown.

“Fighters, tomorrow (Monday) all of us in the morning, we are reporting to the nearest Clicks store to ensure that the directive of the EFF is implemented,” he said.

The EFF leader is at a Clicks store in Polokwane.

At Mall of Africa Shoppers at the mall stopped and started as the sound of struggle songs echoed in the corridors of the Mall.

The party’s Secretary General, Marshall Dlamini who had been vocal leading to this day, joined their ground forces at the Clicks Branch at Mall of Africa.

The workers at this branch seem to have heeded the call of the EFF and stayed away as they were nowhere to be seen.

As expected, police and private security were also deployed at the Mall to monitor the Clicks Must Fall protest organized by the EFF>chaosafrica


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