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Former Top Cop Crispen Makedenge Hits Hard Times, Reported To Be Having Mental Issues


Assistant Commissioner Crispen Makedenge Hits Hard Times

Former top cop, former Assistant Commissioner Crispen Makedenge who used to command the CID Law and Order Division, is reported to have fallen on hard times.

The former boss of the Law and Order Division has been trending on social media after an image purportedly showing him in his new state, went viral. Makedenge is alleged to be having mental issues, which are affecting his ability to function.

Many social media users commented on the photo narrating how Makedenge had allegedly tortured and harassed some of them when he was still in a powerful position.

Actor and activist Silvanos Mudzvova shared the image of the former top cop and captioned it warning members of the security services not to be overzealous and to desist from abusing their positions. He alleged that Makedenge had personally tortured him in front of his lawyer. He went on to say that the former top cop is now suffering from a mental condition.

Writing on social media platform Twitter, Mudzvova said,

Lesson for overzealous @PoliceZimbabwe, military, Zanu-PF hit squad & CIO. This man was evil, ruthless, torturer chief superintendent Crispen Makedenge. He tortured me in front of my lawyer Alec Muchedehama 2008 @law & order section.

Now akumhanya bani hello mwari munhu uya.

Some social media users opined that Makedenge may have been affected by all the alleged torture that he used to witness and carry out when he was still powerful. Others were of the opinion, that he was actually being haunted by the spirits of the people he may have allegedly killed.

Assistant Commissioner Crispen Makedenge Hits Hard Times

Here is how some Zimbabweans reacted to Crispen Makedenge hitting hard times.

Makedenge made headlines in 2014 when he reportedly travelled to the United States of America to seek information from Facebook over the identity of shadowy Facebook character Baba Jukwa. At that time, then Sunday Mail editor, Edmund Kudzayi was suspected of being behind Baba Jukwa and was facing charges of attempting to subvert a constitutionally elected government through “waging cyberwar.”

He is reported to have retired in 2019


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