Ginimbi,s Ferrari Involved In An Accident Watch Him Taking Selfie’s With His Fans(Pictures)


Ginimbi taking selfies with his fans after car accident: Video. News of Ginimbi’s car being involved in an accident flooded the internet yesterday and it seems as if its true after all. The flamboyant businessman’s reaction though to the accident is hilarious.

News and word on the street is that Boss G aka Ginimbi’s Ferrari was involved in an accident yesterday. These are still rumours as there is no word from the boss himself but we have some pictures of the accident scene.

It is said the accident happened in Domboshava Mungate where the flamboyant businessman is based. That’s where he built his mansion. The rich guy has not yet issued a statement and as we said we still yet to confirm is it’s his car.

Instead of him looking sad and all, he was living a celebrity life taking selfies with his fans as they chanted his name. Check the video below and Pictures


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