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Tokoloshe blessing poor Diepkloof family with money whenever they cook causes havoc


A generous tokoloshe is blessing a Diepkloof family whenever they cook has caused havoc in the poor family. The mysterious being has been around for two weeks and the poor family is now afraid to cook despite leaving bundles of cash to the Manana family.

The Manana family based in Diepkloof, Soweto told Daily Sun that they have burn R10,000 in the last two weeks and they will not let the enemy succeed in destroying their family.

The heard of the family, and elderly Mrs Thembi Manana said she is scared since everyone else in the family would want to use the money especially her grandchildren.

“I’m scared. But like everybody else we also love money,” she narrated, “I’m worried my grandchildren might be tempted to use the money. I don’t know what will happen.”

Manana says the first time they the tokoloshe invaded their home left them R7 000 in cash and caused terror in her life.

“It was about 7am. My daughter had already gone to work and the kids were off to school when I found the money.”I was terrified. I went from room to room trying to look for whoever was playing tricks on me.”

After a laborious search, reality set in as Thembi realised she was along in the house.

“We were still questioning where the money came from when more money kept popping up,” Thembi said.

“When we cook we find money in pots. My daughter was grilling meat and there was money in the oven.”

The family kept finding money everywhere even in the toilet.

“My granddaughter found R400 on the floor,” said Thembi.

She didn’t allow them to use the money as she was afraid of what might happen if they did.

“Whoever sent this tokoloshe has intentions and they know it would be easy for them to tempt us,” she said.

Thembi says she is a prayerful woman and will not lose control to the tokoloshe.

The tokoloshe also stabbed their beds and let knives there.

“I think its angry because we’re not using the money,”

The family is now even scared of cooking that they are eating takeaways

“It sounds crazy that we don’t want this money, but it seems too good to be true. There will be consequences if we use it,” she said.

Thembi’s daughter, Hope Manana (41), wishes the tokoloshe to kill whoever is sending it. He said nomatter how broke the family is but they will not use the money.

“We don’t want problems. I don’t understand why anyone would want to do this to us,” said Hope.

“We don’t want money and we won’t use it, no matter how broke we are.”

They consulted a sangoma Joseph Dungamanzi and he said the tokoloshe was sent by an evil person in the family that yearns for their suffering and if they use the money they will lose it and suffer severely.

“It’s not a difficult problem to deal with. They can get a sangoma or a prophet to cleanse the house and it will be gone,” Dungamanzi told Daily Sun


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