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CHAOS At Harare Magistrate’s Court As Woman Gets Possessed By Spirit And Refuses To Enter Building


An unidentified woman brought Harare Magistrate’s Court to a standstill yesterday, as she was about to enter into the building.

The woman is believed to have fallen into trance before the doorway of the courthouse.

According to reports by local publication Hmetro, the woman was an witness who had accompanied her relative, who was a complainant in attempted murder case.

As the woman went into the sanitizating booth, she started shouting that the spirit which resides inside her was not going to enter the court building.

“Munhu akakuvadza munhu munomuziva, (you all know the guilty party here), so I will not get into this building to witness things that you already know, Sekuru havakwanise kupinda mukati umo, pedzai nyaya dzenyu,” (the male spirit which resides one me can not enter into that court, solve your issues on your own) she said

The woman was then accompanied outside the court premises.

In related news, two men were arrested and hauled before the courts after they allegedly stole 500kgs of gold ore from a mine in Gwanda and other valuables.

Michael Gambiza (30) and Nkosinamandla Ncube (20) appeared at Gwanda Magistrate court.

Their 2 accomplices are still at large.

According to the state, the accused persons and their accomplices, armed with knobkerries and catapults, attacked two workers at Marble Mine in Gwanda.

“They forced open a closed door of a steel cabin where they found Mr Dean Nkala and Mr Mpilo Ndlovu and they ordered them to lie down.

“They demanded valuables from the workers and they took cell phones, clothing and some electrical gadgets. The accused persons went on to assault Mr Nkala and Mr Ndlovu several times using knobkerries. They then tied their hands and feet using a safety belt and a solar panel cable which were in the room,” she said.

The two then took 500kgs of gold ore and loaded it in their getaways vehicle and proceeded to Alfa Mike Mine in Colleen Bawn, where they intended to process the gold ore.

They were arrested after the police offers at Colleen Bawn received a tip off about their criminal activities.


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