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Gwanda Man Beaten To Death For Snatching Girlfriend


In a horrible development, Gwanda man lost his life after he was beaten to death by his love rivals who accused him of snatching their girlfriend, as a love triangle turned fatal.

The Chronicle reports that 21-year-old Alfred Moyo from the Guyu area in Gwanda has since been arrested after he allegedly teamed up with 2 accomplices to beat his rival Ntuthuko Nyoni to death.

iHarare has learned that on the fateful day, Moyo met Nyoni at the Guyu Bussiness Centre where he promptly confronted him and accused him of snatching his girlfriend. The identity of the woman at the centre of the wrangle was not disclosed.

Nyoni did not take well to Moyo’s approach and he threatened to stab him if he did not stop making the allegations.

Perhaps fearing that he was outmatched, Moyo left the business centre and went to find back up. He returned some hours later accompanied by two of his colleagues. The trio was armed with knobkerries, a spear and an axe handle.

After another confrontation between Moyo and Nyoni did not go well, Moyo and his accomplices started assaulting Nyoni using the various weapons they were armed with and left him for dead.

Nyoni was transported to Mpilo Hospital where he died the next day following the assault. Moyo was arrested but his two accomplices have since gone on the run.

Moyo appeared before Gwanda magistrate, Ms Lerato Nyathi facing murder charges. Presenting the state’s case, the prosecutor told the court,

“Nyoni dismissed the allegations and threatened to stab Moyo with a knife if he continued making them. Moyo later left the business centre and went home. He later returned to the business centre at around 8 PM and teamed up with his two friends who are still at large.

“They assaulted Nyoni several times with a knobkerrie and axe handle and further stabbed him with a spear in the head. Nyoni sustained serious injuries and died on the following day while admitted to Mpilo Hospital,” she said.

Nyoni was not asked to plead and he was remanded in custody to September 18.


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