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Most unlucky man in history walter summerford struck by lightning four times even after his death


The most unlucky person in history was Walter Summerford, who was a resident of Britain. He was an officer in the army. Three similar mysterious incidents had happened to him, due to which he was considered ‘unlucky’. And even after death, a similar incident happened with him.

The first incident with Walter Summerford took place in 1918, when he was posted in Belgium at the time of the World War. One day he was riding horse, when celestial lightning fell on him. Because of this, the entire body below his waist was paralyzed. Although he recovered completely in a few months and started walking, but before that he was forcibly released from the army.

The second incident with Walter Summerford occurred in 1924, exactly six years after the first. At that time, he had started his new life in Canada. One day he went to a nearby pond to catch fish, where he was sitting under a tree. Then suddenly lightning fell on him again. This time the right half of his body was paralyzed. However, miraculously he recovered completely in two years and started wandering.

A similar incident occurred again with Walter Summerford in the year 1930, just six years after the second incident. He was walking in a park and enjoying the beautiful views. Then suddenly the weather got bad and dark clouds clouded the sky. Meanwhile, the crackling lightning fell on them. Despite this, he struggled with his life for two years, but eventually he lost the battle of life and died in 1932.

After the death of Walter Summerford, his family buried him in Mountain View Cemetery in Vancouver, Canada. The surprising thing in this is that the celestial lightning did not stop pursuing him even after his death and in the year 1936 lightning fell on his grave once again, due to which the stone planted on his grave broke. This incident also happened just six years after the third incident.

Why the celestial lightning fell on Walter Summerford every six years is still a mystery. But the way the same kind of incident happened to him repeatedly, he came to be called ‘the most unlucky person in history>chaosafrica


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