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CST Not Over Ex Girlfriend Lorraine Guyo… Mudiwa Dishes Him Advice


Social media influencer Thomas Chizhanje,popularly known as CST took to social media to reminisce about his past relationship.

CST posted a picture with his ex girlfriend, media personality Lorraine Guyo.

Zvakatora makore akati kuti ndipe pandakatanga kutodiwawo ne mabhebhi..coz kana ne dama ndanga ndatova naro

However rapper Mudiwa Hood had some sagely advice for him.

But Thomas this woman has a boyfriend, would you care to respect her and the other guy…jus an advice bro. Kuita ex wako haifane kuva mhosva bro…

While CST is a person who likes joking around, some felt he took it too far by posting a picture with her.

Moreso, some felt that he is failing to move on from her.

This is not the first time that CST has posted pictures of Lorraine on social media, even after their break up.

Earlier this year, he courted Guyo’s ire after posting pictures of them together.

CST defended his moves then, saying he did it to show that they were cool and there was no animosity between them.

Said he

I was just showing people that we are okay and I have moved on but, I have since stopped posting her

Lorraine however was not impressed with him and told him in no uncertain terms to move on

“I have already moved on with my life. He must too. Never have I posted him.

“He must let me be because I am enjoying the peace I have now,

It seems her request fell on deaf ears, on this one.

The exes had a nasty fallout which spilled into the social media streets in which Lorraine accused him of using her for financial gain and breaking her virginity, among other things.

Lorraine has since moved on and is happy in her new relationship.

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