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WATCH:Outrage As Cheating Woman And Chikomba Are Stripped And Sjamboked After Being Caught Pants Down


People on social media have condemned a video showing a woman being whipped by her husband, after she was found in a compromising position with her lover.

The man in question has left a bitter taste in people’s mouthd for domestic/gender based violence after he used a sjambok, to whip his wife who was caught cheating.

According to the people arguing in the video shared by Zimcelebs, the woman was caught pants down in a lodge with her lover who has been identified as Munashe.

From the look of things it seems that the two were not given the opportunity to dress up before they were dragged outside for punishment.

The woman who managed to wrap a cloth around her body tried to explain what went down, only to have several lashes from her angry husband.

At some point, the man called Munashe is identified as Nyembesi’s husband.

The woman is then challenged to give her husband a divorce token (gupuro) if she is no longer into her husband than resort to cheating.

Usually during a cheating confrontation, emotions run high and the situation ends up getting physical more often than not.

However people are not happy at the way the jilted man was lashing at his wife.

Not only is it akin to assault, but it is also a degrading act to be whipped publicly in a state of undress.

Where are some of the remarks by people

“I don’t think even if someone cheats on you they deserve domestic violence. Just divorce” the person”

“In as much as we don’t condone adultery this is violence and abuse and the guys must be arrested”

It’s not clear what happened afterwards

Watch video below


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