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Nyovest And AKA Gone Physical Boxing Match Date To Be Set


Fights and beefs between musicians it’s not something new in the entertainment industry. The battles are always fought and maintained within lyrics disses not in the boxing ring such is the case of Casper Nyovest and AKA.

Rappers Casper Nyovest and AKA have been hating on each other for some time now.

The two used have cordial relationship but things went south when AKA went as far as insulting Nyovests parents. This worsened things between the two and since then they have exchanged harsh words on social media to an extent of staging a ring match so as to settle their differences.

The South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest won’t let AKA just keep quiet, in fact, Mufasa wants all the smoke. It is crystal clear that AKA and Cassper Nyovest is not planning to reconcile any time soon they just keep taunting each other every time the smoke goes down.

These superstars were reportedly set to get into the ring and battle it out but unfortunately due to the lockdown that didn’t happen. The president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa, has been easing the restrictions of the country lockdown; on Wednesday he publicly announced that the country is now ready to move to the next level which is level one, many people were so excited to hear that.

Now here is the thing, the only thing that makes Cassper be so excited about level one is that he will get to hit the gym and prepare himself for a boxing match “would be dope to have the boxing match this year” says Capper. Many Twitter users were seemed so entertained by this but some were warning the dog shebeleza raper about Super Mega “I honestly feel like AKA is going to beat you up, you are feeling yourself too much” says a Twitter user.


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