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Nox’s single My Melody top billboard charts


Nox’s single My Melody top billboard charts. My Melody was on number 7 on the MTV Base’s Billboard on Saturday. My Melody the song that was done by South African based Nox Guni and Jerusalem Mega Hitmarker Master KG is rocking many charts that include, MTV Base Africa, Channel 0, Trace Africa and Trace, Nehanda Radio reports.

The musician when he was contacted by the publication said he was surprised by the reception the song got from the general populace: My Melody charting the billboards came as a surprise to me because this is the first time to be played on MTV and I think this is good for the whole Zimbabwean music industry now other artists can work harder knowing that it is possible to break new ground.

The success story for “My Melody” opens a lot of doors, strengthens my brand image making it now easier for me to work with bigger artists. I give credit to the Highest, some things are hard to explain. Nox’s other hit from 2012 Ndinonyara has over the last few weeks seen a huge jump in YouTube views.

Source – Pindula News


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