Video:What caused the Zupco bus driver to lose control and almost kill a woman on a pavement


A woman is lucky to be alive after almost getting killed by a Zupco bus while standing on a pavement in Harare CBD on Tuesday.

The incident which was captured on CCTV shows a woman standing on a pavement looking sideways when an out of control bus veered off the road and almost running her over if she did not move an inch.

She is just hit on the hip and thrown to the wall while others dodge the bus.

The bus lost its brakes and veer off-road before it stopped several meters after navigating away from other victims as well as parked cars.

Below is the video;


  1. Anotsvagei mabhazi muCBD… those trucks are meant for long distance travel not inter city travels. Why did they ban mini commuters like combis and when will they upgrade to Uber. Ancient government with ancient ideas.


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