Video:Sangoma With Tapiwa’s Head Speaks


The Zimbabwe Republic Police are continuing to investigate the murder of a Murehwa child whose body was later found with his head, arms and legs amputated in what is believed to be a mutilation. The baby’s legs, Tapiwa Makore (7), were found dumped in a toilet last week but her head and arms have not been found.

Two men – Tafadzwa Shamba (40) and the child’s uncle and surname, Tapiwa Makore (57) – have been arrested in connection with the case. Police are searching for a witch doctor who is believed to have Tapiwa’s head. Incidentally, in the Makore family there is a Sangoma named Tinei Makore, who had just left the village one day and Tapiwa (Jnr) was left murdered.

Watch the video below


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