From Adult entertainment to deep rooted writer Chiedza has emerged stronger in USA


The once infamous Chiedza Tawuchira Mavangira, who broke taboos and took Zimbabwe social media by storm when her nudes went viral almost 3 years ago, followed by countless of “Inspirational Chi Talks” that we’re greeted with less than enthusiasm by a predominately un-understanding, closed minded indigenous community, has been boomeranged into growing fame in the tough and once impenetrable United States entertainment scene.

The Zimbabwean Born Author, Playwright and Screenwriter has proved us all wrong in the old proverbial adage of Never Give Up for rain as it may today, tomorrow the sun will always shine.

Mavangira’s exclusive debut for the Honors Conference in a never before seen multimedia performance that is entitled Born Without Borders:Born Without Borders: The Evolution of a Black Woman’s Body from the Slavery of Colonization to the Freedom of Performing Arts in her Parallel Journey with History and the Audience’s own Self Discovery.

CTM ( as she goes by) is the first student to represent Zimbabwe on her campus in this capacity and she sees herself completing her dissertation on the above mentioned work.
“I see this story on Broadway stage, in a book and in film” her mentor K Meyers commented proudly.

When asked what inspired her the trending Zimbabwean Born Playwright answered with a smile

“It’s as if God took the most painful moment in my life and made it the climax of my story! I’m so honored to have lived the exact life which I did because now each and everything I’ve been through is really great material for my Art” Check the below videos


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