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Zim man caught stealing in South Africa humiliated like this {Watch}


South Africans have been pushing the #CleanSouthAfrica movement because they are concerned about the increase of crime in the country perpetrated by illegal immigrants. Recently a video that surfaced on Twitter has added fuel to the fire.In the video, a man by the name of Givemore Moyo who hails from Zimbabwe was caught stealing at a taxi rank in Polokwane. According to sources on Twitter, it’s not his first time getting caught. He was previously beaten by the community which left his left hand not functioning well.This time the rank marshall gave him a different kind of punishment instead of beating him again. They poured water in a big container and forced him to bathe since he is a “Nyaope” and does not bathe.

Those who know him in the streets of Polokwane said that he is a thief and is always drunk. They said he is probably an illegal immigrant and is feeding his addiction through stealing from people.South Africans reacted to this video and thought that the punishment was suitable for him. Others were against the punishment citing that they stripped him of his dignity and questioned what happened to Ubuntu

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