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Hopely residents drinking water from graveyard {Watch}


Hopewell Chin’ono, a journalist who spent about a month in Chikurubi prison for ‘exposing corruption’ is at it again this time exposing how desperate Hopely farm residents are drawing water from a graveyard.

Commenting on a report by Sophie Mokoena on SABC TV, journalist attacks ZANU PF government saying they are responsible for shortages of water after failing to provide water sources for council to work with.

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Writing on social media Chin’ono said:

This is the REAL face of the Zimbabwean crisis which the ruling ZANU-PF elites pretend doesn’t exist.
This report by SABC’s Sophie Mokoena shows Zimbabweans drawing water from a well in a graveyard.
That is the level of citizen desperation to stay alive, it is tragic, it is unacceptable and it is morbid!
This is caused by the looting of public funds. According to the Water Act, it is Mnangagwa’s government that is meant to provide water sources.
Harare was meant to have Kunzvi Dam built in 1996, however ZANUPF elites looted the money allocated for that project.
Looting affects residents daily, and this is just but one example, politics affects all of us daily!
ZANUPF blames sanctions for everything, yet this money was looted in 1996, sanctions only happened in 2001, and they didn’t stop the government from building Kunzvi dam.
Every election cycle sees more ZANUPF lies regarding building this dam, 24 years later.
YOU deserve better! Kuba kusvika vanhu vakuchera mvura kumakuva!


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