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SHOCKING: Cal Vin insulted God and Lord Jesus and dared them to kill him if they were real


RAPPER Cal_Vin shocked and stunned fans on 12 January, 2017 after he went on a tirade after reportedly losing a close family member, insulting God and Jesus and daring them to take his life if they were real, on his Facebook page.

According to a friend and fellow rapper AWA, Cal_Vin had lost a close relative through death.

“We talked on the phone, he was in so much pain, all he said was that he lost a close family member.”

In a series of messages on his Facebook timeline, Mgcini Calvin Nhliziyo – That Luveve Boy – called himself a fallen angel, compared Jesus to Santa Claus, boldly declaring if he was real he would take his life.

“I regret giving Jesus props when all he did was give me pain, this time I’m done acting stupid, do something, prove to people you alive by taking my life f*** boi,” he ranted.

After the post, people, including this reporter, inundated him with calls to find out what was going on, but the rapper would reject the calls and thereafter posted: “Stop calling my phones, I’m not taking any calls.”

Cal_Vin, who was once a Christian rapper named Church Boi, later continued his tirade: “F*** changing, let’s continue with the F***y of life.”

This was in an apparent reference to his track Changes that features up and coming female singer Latora, where he sang about turning a new leaf and changing his partying ways.

He even shared videos and pictures of himself attending church services towards the end of year and the beginning of 2017. The change seems to be out the window as according to him: “Jesus is a myth, I’m Sorry.”

This rant comes exactly a week after Stunner’s ex wife Olinda sensationally called out the rapper for being a cheat, and threatened to commit suicide via Facebook Live. The next day Cal_Vin posted: “When the Stunner smoke dies down imma (sic) put you on to my good news, I need undivided attention.”

Some of his friends suggested the outburst was just a publicity stunt to promote new music to which Cal_Vin responded with two posts: “Niggas be like this is a publicity stunt, niggas I’m way too talented for a publicity stunt, that’s you following me already, why will I wait till I have 5k friends to pull a stunt, f*** a outta here.”

Whether it was an ongoing publicity stunt or genuine feelings or rapper Cal_Vin’s cellphone was hacked, the Zikhuphani hit maker’s sentiments did not settled well with fans and friends.

Asanda Nester Ladyheart posted back then: “Just one day disappointment and you insulting Jesus my man you going too far I respected you but you prove not to b man enough to face your problems #grow up Jesus isn’t something u can mess with.”

Another Nozithelo N Khumalo referring to a picture Cal_Vin shared on Facebook of him in bed reading a verse in the Bible said: “If u remember this day was so proud when I saw this post on your wall.”

Three hours later, Cal_Vin deleted the series of posts insulting God and Jesus.

On 25 October 2020, Zimbabweans woke up to the unfortunate news that rapper Cal Vin (real name Mgcini Calvin Nhliziyo) had died. Cal Vin according to his family was run over by a White Mazda Familia that had no number plates and the driver of the car did not stop to render first aid.

— Chronicle


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