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“He brought goblins from South Africa and now they are killing my livestock”


SIBLINGS are at each other’s throats as the younger one blames his elder brother of possessing goblins that are causing the mysterious deaths of four cats, three dogs, cattle and goats in Marange.

The younger brother accuses his elder of causing such mishaps after living in South Africa for many years, came and opened a grocery store.

Coincidentally, his younger brother’s livestock and pets started dying under mysterious circumstances from the day the elder brother arrived from SA.

The matter was revealed at Mutare Civil Courts when brothers Zondai and Cleopas Chipindirwe appeared before magistrate, Ms Notebulgar Muchineripi last week on Monday.

Zondai was seeking a protection order against his younger brother Cleopas.

But Cleopas was against Zondai’s application. He argued that his brother’s goblins would continue terrorising his pets and livestock if he got protection from the courts.

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“He brought goblins from South Africa and now they are killing my livestock. They have already killed my four cats and three dogs. I loved my pets so much.

“The goblins are also killing my cattle and goats. I had 34 goats before he came back from South Africa but I am only left with seven goats, a few cattle, no cats and no dogs. The goblins are blood thirsty. At this rate, they will wipe out my livestock soon,” said Cleopas.

Cleopas told the court that the prophets that had been consulted by their family had pointed their fingers at Zondai’s goblins.

“Pamba pake pakabatwa sandawana, pababa pakabatwa nyanga (Money spinning charms were recovered from his homestead, while a horn was recovered at our father’s homestead.)

“Our father died a long time ago and Zondai inherited the horn. All I want is the destruction of these charms as they are making me poorer by the day, while he is living large,” complained Cleopas.

In his application, Zondai said he has had enough of his younger brother’s accusations.

“His livestock has been dying but I am not the one to blame. He summoned some prophet to lead a cleansing ceremony and this was done. I was made to pay a beast and some money to these prophets as I believe in maintaining peace,” said Zondai.

He accused Cleopas of harassing him and his family in public.

“I have had no peace ever since I came back from South Africa. If I was really a wizard, would I be killing livestock and not humans? I have never heard of a wizard who kills cats and dogs, but my brother insists that my goblins are terrorising his livestock. This is unheard of,” said Zondai.

Ms Muchineripi ordered the siblings to live in peace.

She granted the protection order in Zondai’s favour.

The magistrate also told the pair that the order does not stop them from pursuing their case at Chief Marange’s court, where it is pending.-Manica Post


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