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Bulawayo’s CBZ branch cash-in-transit heist


Bulawayo’s CBZ branch cash-in-transit heist. The armed robbers first carjacked a Mercedes Benz in Selbourne Park and used the vehicle for the robbery. Police in Bulawayo are investigating a cash-in-transit robbery after a Fawcett truck was targeted while delivering cash to the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ) early on Monday.

Police sources told ZimLive that the gang intercepted the Fawcett van in a sanitary lane as it was about to deliver an undisclosed amount of cash to the bank on Jason Moyo and 8th Avenue.

“The Fawcett guards were outnumbered and outgunned,” a police source said. The robbers drove away in the Fawcett van which was later found abandoned in Ilanda suburb.

In Ilanda, the gang hijacked a pick-up truck after cleaning the Fawcett van of the cash. National police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said investigators were still at the scene, and police would issue a statement later.

In 2013, a Fawcett van delivering US$400,000 to Eastern Highlands Plantations in Manicaland was robbed after four armed men rammed into it with a big truck.

Source – Bulawayo24


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