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Viral Video Of Zodwa Calling Her Fans To Lick Her P*Nani


Zodwa Wabantu has broken her silence on criticism after a video of fans licking her privates went viral.

In the video, Zodwa Wabantu fans were seen licking her private parts during a recent performance at Club Africa in Benoni, Gauteng.

The controversial dancer and reality television star told a local publication that she does not mind having fans licking her private parts.

She said it does not bother her because she lefts them to do so.In the viral video, Zodwa could be seen dancing with her back faced at the audience.

As the performance continues one man, then another lean forward and lick her punani.

A third more daring man reaches out his hands and spreads Zodwa Wabantu’s legs a bit so he can have a good look at her private parts.

A defiant Zodwa further told the publication that she decides what she wants to do with her body.

She said she is not afraid of being sexually assaulted during a performance because there are always security guards ready to chip in if and when it gets out of hand.

The dancer had a few words for critics who have urged her to keep her punani private. She said, “Those who say I should keep my punani private should keep theirs private”.

She said she does not view her fans’ actions as sexual harassment.
The star said she knew what was happening behind her and she could feel her fans touching her.

She said she had to let them touch her as a show of love. Zodwa said she loves engaging with her fans during a performance and she moves away when she feels it is getting out of hand.


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