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Video:Full Story Of A Zimbabwean Boy 9 Who Was shot dead in the head in Kraaifontein


A Wallacedene family is devastated at the death of a nine-year-old boy who caught in gang crossfire.

Glenn was on his way home from school when he was struck in the head on the corner of Skiet Crescent and Ntongana Street on Tuesday afternoon, just 300m from his home.

Mother Diana Masi 27, explains: “I was at work when they called me and said that something had happened to my second eldest child.”

The Zimbabwean mom says her boss rushed her to Kraaifontein Day Hospital.

“I was in shock and pain to see my child’s head covered with a white cloth, where the bullet hit him in his head,” says the mother of three.

SHOCK:Diana Masi Picture: Solly Lottering

Diana says Glenn was in Grade 2 at Cavalleria Primary School in Scottsdene.

She explains: “They were a lot of kids together when the gangs started shooting each other and they were in the middle.

“The gangs were throwing stones and shooting at each other.

“A stray bullet hit him in the head.

“And, (Tuesday) at 5pm he died of his wounds at Kraaifontein Day Hospital.

“We haven’t told Glenn’s school yet because of the shock.

“His eldest brother refused to go to school today at Bottelary Primary School outside Kraaifontein.

“We thank the people of Kraailove (community organisation) for their sympathy.”

Glenn’s grandmother believes the boy had a premonition that he would die that day.

The 54-year-old gogo Matora says: “Before he went to school on Tuesday, he asked, ‘Granny, can I have a look at my photo when I was only two years old?’

PAIN: Enver Matora, middle, believes Glenn had a premonition that he would die. Picture: Solly Lottering

“He had a close look at two photos and gave them back to me. This never happens, asking things like that.

“I showed him the photos and when this happened on (Tuesday) afternoon, it occurred to me that he had a vision that something would happen.

“We as a family are in great shock and pain for our kids who were born in South Africa

Lets all come together and help the mother with anything you can all those willing to donate please get in touch with the mother Diana Masi on 0730505117 or 0781122983 thank you>chaosafrica



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