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“I saw videos of her bathing and talking with Lucifer.”: Man tormented by Satanist ex-girlfriend


“She’s trying to kill me so she can become rich,” said Charles Limpuh (36) from Boksburg, Ekurhuleni.
“I’ve survived a car accident and was nearly knocked down by a car as I walked down the road.”

He’s scared of falling asleep at night because he has the same nightmare over and over again.
“I dream that I’m falling into a dark trench.
“I try to scream but my voice doesn’t come out.
“Then my ex-girlfriend appears from nowhere.
“She chokes me, bites my neck like a vampire, and sucks my blood.”
Just as he’s about to die, his granddad appears and grabs him.

Charles said he left his girlfriend of two years when he discovered she believed in the Illuminati and worshipped Lucifer.
“I found a conversation between her and some Illuminati people.
“I don’t know how she got hold of them. I saw videos of her bathing and talking with Lucifer.”

The man showed the SunTeamthe videos.He said they then told her she needed to do everything they instructed her to do if she wanted to be part of them – and she agreed.“I then saw videos of her confessing to being a child of Lucifer. I felt my spirit leaving me.“I was terrified. I decided to leave her.”

Charles stole part of the conversation and forwarded the videos to himself.But troubles followed him wherever he went. He believes he’s the target.“She doesn’t have parents, siblings or kids and only has distant relatives. The only person close to her is me,” he said.

Charles realised he was right because he started being haunted by near-death experiences.“I think if I die I won’t be dead. I will be her zombie,” he said.“But my family will bury me thinking I’m dead. I need someone to give me strength.”
Sangoma Jabulani Mthimunye said people do anything to become rich.“We call it ukuthwala.”

He threw his bones and said Charles needed to visit a sangoma immediately and be strengthened.
“Otherwise, he won’t see Christmas,” he said.Mthimunye said Charles should thank his granddad, who always protects him.“His granddad is a good ancestor. If it wasn’t for him, Charles would’ve died a long time ago.”

Charles’ friend Yagani Gama (33) said: “His ancestors are strong. He stopped going to the mall after he was involved in a crash.“No one knows how he crashed into a tree.”

A car driving at high speed nearly knocked him down near a park.“The dreams are worse. He tells me about them every day.”The ex refused to speak to the People’s Paper.

Daily Sun


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