SoulJah Love – Hell is waiting for Ginimbi: Video


SoulJah Love – Hell is waiting for Ginimbi: Video. Soul Jah Love say that “Ginimbi anofanira kuziva kuti akamirirwa ne Gehena” We can not confirm if SoulJah Love was drunk or this was his way of Mourning Ginimbi.

Zim Dancehall superstar Soul Jah Love posted a shocking video where he says some shocking statement about the late businessman Ginimbi. Friends and family gathered at Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s mansion in Domboshava Sunday evening, many saying they were struggling to come to terms with the colourful socialite’s passing.

Ginimbi died on the spot when his Rolls Royce vehicle was involved in a head-on collision with a Honda Fit along Legacy Way (formerly Borrowdale Road) Sunday.

The posh motor veered off the road, crashed into nearby trees and burst into flames killing three of the businessman’s associates who failed to extricate themselves from the wreckage. Ginimbi had been dragged out of the vehicle alive by witnesses but died shortly afterwards.

All four had spent the night a birthday party for music video performer and fitness trainer Mitchelle ‘Moana’ Amali who was also killed in the accident. Speaking to the ZBC at Ginimbi’s Domboshava home, friend Rimo said he was driving behind the businessman as they returned from the party.

Watch the video below…


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