Watch:Prophet Advocate Joshua Chirambwe who gave Ginimbi’s death prophecy speaks on ED


Prophet Advocate Joshua Chirambwe who gave Ginimbi’s death prophecy speaks on ED. This was said by the prophet, believe it or not, who predicted Ginimbi’s death when he requested a 72 hour period to pray for his soul or someone do it for him, MHSRP.

Zimbabwe’s ruling party is going to be still there in 2023 and win the election, a local prophet has predicted much to the chagrin of those attached to the opposition.

Speaking out in a video, Prophet Advocate Joshua Chirambwe said nothing is going to change in 2023 even though some are emotionally attached to certain political parties.

“The result of that election is very simple, there is nothing new that is going to come which you have never seen before… I see in the realm of the spirit history repeating itself loudly”, the prophet said.

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“I know you have been praying for your political leaders and you have got emotions attached to your political party but remember I am not a sangoma, I am not a pastor, I am not an evangelist, I am a prophet. I am telling you about that election way before it happens.” He continues.

The prophet says the ruling party will still be in charge although he did not say under whose leadership. Whether Mnangagwa or someone else within the party.

“It’s in favour of the political party that is ruling… therefore your wisdom should tell you what to do and not what to waste your time doing”.

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