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I DON’T Regret It: Killer Chivhu Woman Who Slaughtered Her 4 Children Says Husband Loved Them More


The Chivhu woman who slaughtered her four children in a murderous fit of rage on Wednesday has said that she does not regret the heinous act arguing that her husband loved the children more than he loved her.

On Wednesday, 29-year-old Emelda Marazana killed her four children by slitting their throats with a kitchen knife. She then handed herself over to the police after she had ingested a poison and set the family house on fire.

investigations by the police have established that Emelda went into a jealous fit and plotted her revenge after she discovered that her husband Lameck Brande, 43, may have been cheating on her. This was after she discovered a text message in his phone which she alleges was from his adulterous lover.

After a heated altercation, the couple drove to Chirumhanzi where they received counselling from Emelda’s relatives before returning home. However, it seems that Emelda was only waiting for a chance to exact her vengeance.

Killer Chivhu Woman Who Slaughtered Her 4 Children Says Husband Loved Them More

The next day, the scorned wife disregarded her maternal instincts and avenged herself by killing her four daughters. The deceased children have since been identified as Amanda, 9, Yolanda, 5, Ayanda, 3, and Glenda aged one.

Giving an update on the situation, National Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told H-Metro,

“On 11 November 2020, the husband woke up and went to work as usual.

“The suspect, who works at a family grocery shop at Chirumanzi Shopping Centre in Chivhu, did not go to work.

“She went back home where she locked all her kids in the house.

“She allegedly tied the two elder girls’ legs together before slitting their throats using a kitchen knife

The Brande family in happier times (Image Credit: H-Metro)

[She used the same knife to kill the two younger children]

“She allegedly drank the pesticide before setting the house on fire with all the dead children inside.”

“The fire continued while the suspect went to Chivhu Police Station where she reported that she had drunk some poison after killing all her children,”

Emelda who did not die from the poison that she ingested is saying that she does not regret killing her children. In an interview with the national broadcaster, ZBC, Emelda justified her actions saying that it was payback for her husband’s infidelity. She also said that she was jealous because her husband loved the children more than her.


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