Prophet Edd Branson Speaks Out On Leaked Video,I once had a romantic relationship with the late Moana..


Flamboyant self-proclaimed Prophet Edd Branson sets the record straight on the video that has been leaked online featuring him and the late video vixen and fitness fanatic Michelle “Mimie Moana” Amuli.

Prophet Edd Branson founder of the Jesus Generation International Ministries decided to address the video clips that are circulating on social media platforms. He went to reveal that he once had a romantic relationship with the late Moana.

According to Branson, the videos were taken several years ago when they had an argument that resulted in police being called.

He claims that he and Moana settled the issue the same night and have been friends ever since.

Prophet Edd even went on to claim that he talks to Moana’s sister and mother.

The two controversial videos of the late Moana and Prophet Edd Branson all lovey-dovey sent social media into a frenzy yesterday.

The unexpected videos stunned many Zimbabweans, especially followers of Prophet Edd Branson resulting in social media critics condemning him for his behavior.

Moana’s death has now opened a can of worms that are even more surprising as more of the news of things we never even saw coming or happening gets revealed by the day.

Watch as prophet Edd Branson addresses the two controversial videos of him and the late video vixen Mimie Moana:


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